IGNOU Master in Public Administration (MPAP-002)

How to write IGNOU Master in Public Administration (MPAP-002) Final Year Project

IGNOU is focused on providing quality education at low expenses to the individuals who have for some reasons or the other missed or has not had the opportunity for further studies. Keeping the heterogeneous nature and various needs of its customers, the university offers a scope of programmes obliging to human resource development just as self-advancement. The aim of the M.A. (Public Administration) is to give thorough information to the students on the nature and relationship of State, Society and Administration. It will build up the conceptual resources of the students on different administrative theories, proposes, models, methods, processes, instruments, techniques, and so forth.

Objective of IGNOU Master in Public Administration (MPAP-002) Final Year Project

The aim of this Course is to furnish to the MPA students with the essential system for undertaking research in Public Administration. Students get a chance to write a 10,000 to 15,000-word dissertation (excluding bibliography) on any topic inside the field of MPA programme studied. The expansive rundown of topics of dissertation will be sent to the students alongside the M.A. II year course material.

Formulation of IGNOU Master in Public Administration (MPAP-002) Final Year Project

The size of the project report depends on the nature of the theme of the project you have selected. However, it is desirable that the project report should be around 100 pages typed in double space. The report should be in A4 size sheet.

  • Title
  • Introduction
  • Review of the Literature
  • Significance
  • Objective/ Hypothesis
  • Methodology
  • Result and Discussion
  • Conclusion

Last Date of Submission of IGNOU Master in Public Administration (MPAP-002) Final Year Project

You must fill and send your term-end examination form before the last dates that is, 31st March for June and 30th September for the December exam to the Assistant Registrar (Exam-II), SED, IGNOU, Maidan Garhi, New Delhi – 110 068.

Important point remember during submission of the IGNOU Master in Public Administration (MPAP-002) Final Year Project

  1. Submit only one copy of the Project Proposal, and keep a copy with you.
  2. MPAP -002 should be written prominently on the envelope and should be submitted at the Study Centre.
  3. Ensure the inclusion of the following while submitting the proposal:
    • Pro forma for Approval of Project Proposal duly filled and signed by both, the learner and the guide/supervisor.
    • Detailed Bio-data of the Supervisor/Guide duly signed by him/her (in the case where the Academic Counselor is not the Guide).
    • Consent letter of the Supervisor/Guide.
    • Synopsis of the Project.

Style of Report Writing

The project ought to be inventive and coherent. Utilize straightforward words at whatever point conceivable and the language ought to be straight forward and Good. Abstain from utilizing condensing like (and, b/w, and so forth). The tense in the report matters a great deal it ought to be present tense.

Project Evaluation

The evaluation consists of two parts: 1) continuous evaluation through assignments, and 2) term-end examination. In the final result, continuous evaluation (assignments of a course) carries 30% weightage while 70% weightage is given to term-end examination.