IGNOU Masters of Tourism Management Project (MTM-16)

How to write IGNOU Masters of Tourism Management Project (MTM-16) Final year Synopsis

IGNOU offers IGNOU MTM Project to the students. The goal of this IGNOU MTM 16 Project here is to hone look into aptitudes, give practical information to the students. The IGNOU MTM project will assist you with developing managing abilities. Obviously, this will relies upon the topic that you decide for the project.

Reason for the IGNOU Masters of Tourism Management Project (MTM-16)

It is an expert program intended to find out about the travel industry. It is valuable for each one of the individuals who are either utilized or keen on, to make a career in the travel industry. IGNOU MTM project Program through Distance Learning Mode is to assist students with developing aptitudes for managing diverse useful divisions of the travel industry area viably. This Program will give the student a comprehension of the theory and practice of the travel industry and travel management.

Follow this structure for IGNOU MTM 16 Project, IGNOU MTM report and IGNOU MTM project synopsis, the accompanying explicit objectives to empower a student to:

  • Identify and formulate research issues
  • Write a decent research proposal
  • Identify and utilize proper research design
  • Conduct logical investigation in a deliberate manner
  • Collect and examine the information
  • Learn to utilize suitable statistical techniques

Formulation of IGNOU Masters of Tourism Management Project

The size of the project report depends on the nature of the theme of the project you have selected. However, it is desirable that the project report should be around 100 pages typed in double space. The report should be in A4 size sheet.

  • Title
  • Introduction
  • Review of the Literature
  • Significance
  • Objective/ Hypothesis
  • Methodology
  • Result and Discussion
  • Conclusion

Last Date of Submission of IGNOU Masters of Tourism Management

The last date of submission of IGNOU Proposal/Synopsis for July Batch is 30th November and IGNOU Project Report/Dissertation is 31st May and for another bunch which is begun from January, date of submission of IGNOU Proposal/Synopsis is 31st September and IGNOU Project Report/Dissertation is 30th November.

Important point remember during submission of the IGNOU Masters of Tourism Management Project (MTM-16)

  1. Submit only one copy of the Project Proposal, and keep a copy with you.
  2. MTM 16 should be written prominently on the envelope and should be submitted at the Study Centre.
  3. Ensure the inclusion of the following while submitting the proposal:
    • Pro forma for Approval of Project Proposal duly filled and signed by both, the learner and the guide/supervisor.
    • Detailed Bio-data of the Supervisor/Guide duly signed by him/her (in the case where the Academic Counselor is not the Guide).
    • Consent letter of the Supervisor/Guide.
    • Synopsis of the Project.

Style of Report Writing

The project ought to be inventive and coherent. Utilize straightforward words at whatever point conceivable and the language ought to be straight forward and Good. Abstain from utilizing condensing like (and, b/w, and so forth). The tense in the report matters a great deal it ought to be present tense.

Project Evaluation

The marks of this project synopsis IGNOU MTM (Masters of Tourism Management) (MTM-16) are 100. To get pass, we ought to acquire least 40% out of 100.