The project is the core of all IGNOU courses. Most IGNOU students feel that they have the ability to write (good) projects, but it is the fear of being rejected at each study center that hinders taking the initiative.

If you are a student at IGNOU making the project too difficult, please refer to the following tips.

Wise when choosing a topic: Is not the way to prepare the IGNOU project one of the most important things, not a topic? Choosing a topic is a matter of first consideration. If you choose topics of interest, have a deep understanding, and think that there is something to teach others, your project will certainly take the eye of the examiner. You can write topics that are very good and you can write on selected topics.
Worry about page restrictions: Students who create projects themselves make mistakes. They do not respect the scope of the pages that should be included in the project. Your project should cover all important headlines related to your topic, but the need for lengthening the topic’s description so that the examiner loses interest in your writing and makes your impression worse There is none. This is one of the most important things to consider when you want to know how to prepare the IGNOU Project 2017-18. Ideally, the project should contain 18-20 pages.
Write your page headline: The first page needs to include cover page, index, certificate, approval. Write headlines such as introduction, project category, purpose. Do not forget to write conclusions. Even if the examiner has a very short time to examine your page and evaluate knowledge and presentation, even if you have an impressive conclusion page, you can get a good mark. In addition to these, please trust the information obtained from the information source. Honest candidates receive honest evaluation.

Harmonize knowledge and creativity well: Your project must be a combination of two important elements: knowledge and creativity. Even if you have knowledge, you may not get the mark you expected if you do not know how to inform your examiner of it. If applicable, use diagrams, graphs, figures, statistics, charts, etc. to spread knowledge beautifully and make it easy to recognize.

The above tips contain hints on the preparation of the IGNOU project 2017-18, but this is not a limitation.

But if you think that the above will take too much time, you do not have to worry about these as you have to prepare a lot for the subsequent exams. Please visit the site of Gullybaba. Here, the project is easily available on all topics and all courses. There is a guarantee of certification by your exam center.

Projects available for IGNOU course at Gullybaba

Masters of Business Administration(MS-100)
BTS (PTS-4, PTS-5, PTS-6)
MA Pol. Science(MPSE-10)
PG Diploma in Translation(PGDT-5)
BDP(Application oriented courses)-Human Environment(AHE-01)
BDP(Application oriented courses)- Teaching of Primary School Mathematics(AMT-01)
MA Rural Development(MRDP-001)
MA Public Administration(MPAP-02)
MA Education(MESP-1)
Diploma in Nutrition and Health Education(DNHE-4)
Diploma in Early Childhood Care and Education( DECE-4)
Master in Tourism Management(MTM-16)
Master of Computer Applications(MCSP-060)
Bachelor of Computer Applications(BCSP-64/CS-76)
Master of Education(MESP-068)
Bachelor of Education(Practical-ES-381, ES-382, ES-383)

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