The PGDHE is meant for those who are aspiring to teach or are already teaching in institutions of higher learning. PGDHE programme Comprises of 6(Six) courses, out of which, 4(four) courses are theory in nature, one course is on project work and the other course is on extended contact programme. The extended contact programme is a 4 credit course where as all the theory courses and the project work course are 6 credit courses. The courses are designed and developed in such a way that the course content equivalent to 1 credit would require 30 study hours. Therefore, the PGDHE programme would require 1020 study hours as it is a 34 credit programme. The courses on project work and contact programme would require a minimum of 50% marks for the successful completion.

Recommended by the National Policy on Education (1986) and subsequently endorsed by the Rastogi Committee on teachers in higher education, the PGDHE has been recognised by the UGC as being equivalent to an Orientation Programme and two Refresher Courses of the Academic Staff College. PGDHE is of one year duration. In this study the cohort is the students of the PGDHE programme and their actions on submission of assignments, appearing for the examinations, attending the contact class, completing the projects and finally completing all the courses was desired to study. This study is expected to through light on the average time taken for the successful completion of each course as well as the programme in total. The percentage of active learners, passive learners, dropouts and successful learners was also desired through the study. This study is also expected to highlight the social background of the successful learners.

The fifth course is a project work where students/learners can select a theme and work in an area of their choice within the framework of the contents of the above four courses. The sixth course is an extended contact programme which is a compulsory ten day face-to-face programme with the objectives of developing advanced skills and competencies for teaching of higher levels. This contact programme will cover various aspects related to all the five courses of the PGDHE programme.

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